Sorry it's been to long!

Its been defiantly to long since I last wrote! I apologize for this and say it will never happen again. The weather the past week has been less than stellar b ut it seem it is getting nicer. I am training my butt off! I feel fitter and stronger and faster than ever before. I am competiting in my first hep. On June 11th which are my nationals trails then I have 12days to recover from it, than its Nationals! I am working a lot on my technical events tiring to polish them up as much as possible. Seeing as there is not many meets here prior to nationals I have to prepare! It is important to make the best of each day and stay focused! I am excited to see how I will do. So I just keep training working and eating well! Well thanks for reading tomorrow is a cheat day so I can eat whatever I want. My goal is to find the best cookie in halifax! I will keep you posted!
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It was a cold one!

Well all I can say by the time nationals rolls around I am prepared of any weather condition. Yesterday was my opener I competed in shot putt, long jump, high jump, and 200m. The weather was 7-10degrees and light sprinkles of rain. My day started with shot at 10a.m. which started late so I was warmed up then cooled down then had a hard time getting warm again. I threw in all my layers of cloths and couldn't feel my hands. If any of you really know me you know I HATE the cold, and probably the worst conditions for me to compete in is cold. Because i get cold quick and I have raynolds in my hands. I don't mean to be making excuses. By the end of shot I threw awful (9m)I was cold and pissed because it didn't go well. I had to go LJ. at this point i didn't even want to compete because of the weather I had such negative thoughts running through my head. I went for a good warm up jog and told myself "leanna get your head in this, make the best of what you got" It took a long warm up and and some positive self talk but a manged to pull things together for LJ I jump 5.42 with no jump going under 5.30m so a great series to start outdoors with. Next event was HJ was haven't had great facility access to practice HJ so I wasn't sure how it would go but they kept it inside which meant i would be warm! I was a little inconstant with my runway but had a 5cm PB and jump 1.60m I was pumped about this! The last event was the 200m I was feeling a little sore from my other events but got warm. Then went outside and tired to stay warm by using little energy because I was running on empty. I cooled right down and by the time I was in the blocks I felt like i was doing a warm up stride. Not the best thing to feel. So i took it out well the first 150m but then my legs just stopped moving and I got passed with 30m to go. It didn't feel good or quick. But lessons learned this weekend about competing in cold: stay warm, and get inside and stay inside until the moment you must go out, stay positive, and look for a warmer climate next time :)


First Race Rain Out

Unfortunately the weather in Halifax has been less then stellar. So my opening 800m was cancelled. I was wanting to still get a time. I was able to run at the dalplex yesterday. I ran 2.37 which is a 16sec PB. I am happy with it but it was hard to race in a non race environment. But at least I got the feel of what a 800m feels like. My coach Rich said I didn't not run it hard enough because I recovered to quick. But if its one talent I do have, it is fast recovery. Needless to say rich plans on pushing my limits the next few weeks to really shows me how to run fast through lactic pain. This is a feeling I have never needed to feel in any sport i did. So I am nervous and excited about the workouts to come!

This weekend I am going to Moncton to do shot putt, Long jump, high jump, and 200m I hope the weather cooperates. I will pray to the track Gods! I am hoping to see some good results as I have done some serious volume coming into my outdoor season and am starting to feel fresh going into comp season! I am supper pumped to even just get away for the weekend. I know its just Moncton but it will be on the track where last year junior worlds were held. So great facilities!!!

I will send updates on how I do!

Keep striving for your dreams!!


First race

Tomorrow is my first outdoors race and first 800m race. I am feeling good body is ready. I have no idea really what to expect. But I am going to go in with a positive mind frame and trust that all the training I have done has prepare me for a good run! I hope the rain lightens up for tomorrow so that I can stay warm. Staying warm is key for me! If my legs feel cold I don't feel ready to race. Good thing I have many layers of clothes is can wear. This is a very small meet but it is always entertaining to watch a speed/power athlete run a 800m. Well I will update you all after tomorrow nights race! I am looking forward to the experience but not the pain I may feel!
Thanks for the support!
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Lunch 5 Dollars, 25 Grams of Protein

I work close to Pete's on spring garden road. Often I have a break and will go grab lunch or groceries. Seeing as Geoff is away my food bill is down so I can always pick up small stuff from here :) and actually the price isn't really that bad and saves my legs from walking to Superstore which is too far. Yes , I am and athlete therefore to lazy to walk! Any who I was hungry and needed to get some protein in me. I paid 3 dollars for 0.3lbs sirloin beef ready to eat. This was a total of 200 cals and 25 grams of protein. This will hold me over till I get home! So if you are someone who thinks "eating healthy cost to much" you should really take a look at what your eating and what your getting out of it! Coming up next week I have been reading a book on cortisol and connection it has with stress and weight gain! It has some valuable in information. So keep reading and keep the questions coming!